May the Force be with you – Han Solo


Every Fourth of May the world celebrates Star Wars Day. The date is taken from the catchphrase “May the Fourth be with you” a play on the famous line “May the Force be with you” first heard in Star Wars in 1977. It immediately captured the imagination of millions of people. Two years later and Margaret Thatcher won the UK  elections on May 4th , 1979 becoming the countries first female Prime Minister. The Conservative “Tory” party took out a front page notice in the London Evening News congratulating her victory with “May the Fourth be with you, Maggie congratulations”. I remember the day well….Anyway, the line stuck and it re-appeared until the date was immortalized as “Star Wars Day”.

Most people would give you a weird look if you were to say “May the Force be with you” on any other day. In the Star Wars universe it has a magical and holy ring to it. The Force is real, it permeates everything. The Universe is the Force. The statement affirms that primary truth, that the Force resides in all life. The Force is then with you always but when someone says it, it reminds you and brings you back to the moment, to a glimpse of who and what you truly are.

In the 12 Step movement we are reminded that no one ever loses the divine spark within them. We choose only to shut it out or throw a barrier between us and our Higher Power. The flame is never fully extinguished. If you believe in God you will know that the divine never leaves you, for God resides within, without and in all creation. As conscious human beings with free will we only choose to believe or imagine that we are utterly bereft and forsaken in the dark. We never truly are, there is always a candle in the dark, a way out.

What we had in addiction was a choice to express that spark that resides within and finally embrace life.


Remember the Force will be with you. Always. – Obi-wan Kenobi


I have to laugh when I see people on Social Media wishing each other the catch phrase “May the Fourth be with you”. It’s all for fun of course. The date is a good one to celebrate the fictional universe that Lucas created more than 40 years ago and we continue to enjoy today.

I don’t often wish anyone “May the Force be with you” I’m not a religious person but I can’t deny the power of those words even if they are attached to a story that is entirely fictional. When I was in the Middle East I heard people say Shalom and Salem. Both words mean Peace. They are used as everyday greetings but also as a wish that peace may be on your soul. One word can soften a look of suspicion or potential animosity in a stranger when you offer him or her the word Salem…Peace.  One greeting can make all the difference.

So “May the Force be with you” on this day, the Fourth of May and all days. May it bring you peace, happiness, serenity and peace. May you find your inner Jedi (and Child) not just for one day but for all days.

May the Fourth

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May the Fourth is celebrated every year by Star Wars Fans as “Star Wars Day”. The movie “A New Hope” was released in 1977 on May the 25th however May the Fourth has long been considered an unofficial annual holiday for Star Wars fans around the world. On the day fans offer each other each other the greeting “May the Fourth be with you”.  This play on “May the Force be with you” reminds Star Wars fans of the immense impact that the saga has had on people’s lives over the last 41 years.

As a ten year old I was captivated by the heroic deeds of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo in “A New Hope”in 1977. The enigmatic Obi-wan Kenobi and the mysterious Jedi Order inspired me. Darth Vader was terrifying yet compelling. Leia was a new kind of Princess. She was resourceful,  independent and strong instead of the helpless and weak sort that needed rescuing by a White Knight.

The special effects, while primitive by today’s standards were completely mind blowing at the time. The Droids added a new whole dimension to the saga. Instead of being menacing robots, they had characters that were cute, comical, innocent and loyal. Droids were human but better, like dogs. Everyone wanted a pet R2D2.

Four decades later I see old school friends, middle aged Fans, who still get excited over Star Wars merchandise and eagerly await the next instalment of movies and books. The Fandom is a global phenomenon and always will be. The Star Wars legacy is for young and old, male and female and every race and nation on Earth. No other work of fantasy unites us more than Star Wars.

Star Wars is made for our times. The Star Wars universe may be set in a “Galaxy far far away” yet it as human a story as the myths and epic tales which define our species throughout history. Star Wars defines the human story as much as the legends of Ulysses, Gilgamesh, King Arthur and Robin Hood through their archetypes and meanings.

Star Wars also offers a philosophy through the fictional Jedi. The Jedi Code is a starting point on the journey to peace, serenity, knowledge, harmony and living in the Force. As a philosophy it is meant to be lived on a daily basis. In our universe one may not be recognized as a Jedi by society but we can still be Jedi. Every day we can commit to improving ourselves by being Jedi.

For some of us it runs even deeper. Years ago as I met my personal “Dark Side”, it was the 12 Steps that pulled me out of the pit of “Rock Bottom”. The Steps led me to the Jedi Path. The Jedi Path has kept me working the Steps and sober.

May the Fourth is another day on the calendar. It is one day where the global Fandom of Star Wars celebrate the creative genius of George Lucas and show their appreciation. For anyone who has taken Star Wars to influence their life at a deeper and more spiritual level, the day is a simple reminder of our inspiration. We pause to celebrate the fictional creation of Lucas. It inspired us to be Jedi. At the same time we keep our feet on the ground while our heads may reside for a time in the clouds.  Philosophy is for life and living in the real world one day at a time. Being Jedi is a real world task.


So May the Fourth be with you.

May you have Peace

May you find Serenity

May your Knowledge grow

May your life know Harmony

May the Force be with You.