The Daily Jedi

Welcome to The Daily Jedi. You may be new to Jedi Philosophy and wondering what it has to do with recovery from alcoholism. Jedi Philosophy has many similarities with eastern and western philosophies and traditions and takes inspiration from Star Wars. It is a unique and practical philosophy that can be used to improve all facets of your life. In my case the Jedi Path has helped me recover from addiction to alcohol and find meaning and purpose in my life. This blog presents ideas, suggestions and meditations that may also help you to overcome your struggles and live a good life.

About Me

My name is….and I’m an alcoholic. I am also a victim of childhood abuse, an Orphan, a  veteran and a sufferer of depression and PTSD. Despite the odds, I am also a survivor. I am also Jedi.

We all seek answers and we all want to grow and be a better version of ourselves and so we look to religion, spirituality and philosophy to help guide us.  Some of us are without direction in life and desperately want to change. By the fall of 2012 I had hit rock bottom and was morally and spiritually bankrupt, an alcoholic facing an unknown future and barely living. I was deep in fear, anger and despair.

All at once I realized my powerlessness over alcohol and became willing to surrender my addiction and my life over to a higher power. I could not name that Power but I knew intuitively and deeply it had pulled me out of a hole. Without even being aware of the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and being a skeptical agnostic who scoffed at religion I had completed the first three steps.  I had experienced what some might describe as a sudden and complete psychic shift, a spiritual transformation. I changed over night and have never had the compulsion to drink again.

Over the next few years I set out to inventory and admit my wrongs and remove my faults. I worked to become a better person and make amends to the people I had hurt during my 25 years of drinking. My recovery moved forward, at times painfully. I sometimes despaired that I would return to the drink. I continued to work the steps and live “one day at a time”. Grace remained with me and I stayed sober.

A Philosophy for Living

Three years ago I “rediscovered” Jedi Philosophy  and have adopted it as a Philosophy for Life. The journey on the Jedi Path has fortified my recovery and bought me emotional, mental, physical and spiritual growth I never imagined. This site is intended to share what I have learned along the way and provide some practical suggestions on how to be Jedi.

I have a Bachelors of Science and a Masters Degree in Philosophy but I do not profess to be an expert in Jedi Philosophy or any Philosophy for the matter. Although I remain sober at this time, I by no means consider myself cured of Alcoholism. I also still struggle with Depression and Anxiety. By working the steps and living in accordance with personal values consistent with a practical philosophy for Life I am getting better “one day at a time”. My alma mater is the real world, the “School of hard knocks”, the place where real life happens.

This Blog will cover a lot of ground. It is a personal journey. A rain that soaks in nourishes more than a fast down pour. Many themes, ideas and concepts shall be repeated and then repeated again on this Blog. For that I make no apology as it is only through constant reinforcement and practice that we become proficient and then competent. That is the Jedi Way.

Whether you are a person in recovery, a spiritual seeker, a student of  practical Philosophy or even a Star Wars Fan seeking answers I am sure you will find inspiration in the fictional Jedi. The Jedi offer many lessons and practical examples in achieving real peace, serenity and equanimity. I hope this blog can shine some light on how to be a Daily Jedi.

The 12 Step Jedi


In Memoriam

This Blog is dedicated to the memory of Carrie Fisher and to the millions of other alcoholics and addicts who still suffer.

Carrie Fisher 1956-2016

Rest in Peace Princess