The Jedi Community

The Jedi Community has existed online for over 20 years and continues to grow. There are three main “schools” within the Jedi Community, each has a different focus but also much in common. Each school is represented by an online presence which includes a community forum for interaction and the exchange of ideas. They all offer opportunities for training and development. Deciding to commit to online training is a personal choice as is the school you decide to go with. Whether you choose one or the other will largely depend on what you are looking for.

Jedi Philosophy is the stream I have been training in since 2014. Jedi Living offers online training and has a wealth of information on Jedi Philosophy. The focus is on a practical and pragmatic approach to applying Jedi Philosophy in day to day life.

The site Jedi Path also offers online training, essays and further information on Jedi Philosophy.

Jedi Realism merges many of the fictional aspects of the Jedi with real world application. This site is suited to Star Wars Fans who enjoy light sabres and role playing while seeking Jedi Philosophy as a way of life. The path also explores the spiritual aspects of the Force but avoids applying religious overtones to the practice. The Institute for Jedi Realist Studies offers information and training.


Jediism is the general term that has come to refer to a real world religion based on the Star Wars concept of the Force. Jediism is defined as a decentralized religion complete with doctrine and order of rank. The Temple of the Jedi Order is an online Church and Ministry where Jediism doctrine and theology is taught and rank is attained through completion of training. By joining the Temple you are accepting Jediism as a religion.

Face Book also has many pages dedicated to real world Jedi Practice.

If you are new to the Jedi Path please feel free to explore each stream and decide what works for you. I always emphasize Take what you need and leave the rest.



The following is a few documentaries, YouTube channels and Podcasts related to Jedi Philosophy and living the Jedi Path. I will add more as I come across them.


American Jedi

In November the documentary “American Jedi” was released for online streaming on Amazon and Itunes. Directed by Laurent Malaquais (Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony) “American Jedi” chronicles the life and trials of three candidates for Jedi Knighthood. The documentary also explores the emergence of Jediism as an alternative religion offering answers and a form of redemption to many people.

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