The Daily Jedi Journal

This is a daily journal to record as well as reflect upon your progress on your journey to being Jedi. Everyday starts with a simple quote taken from the Star Wars Universe and a short meditation on a central theme of Jedi Philosophy. A fictional Jedi is named who in some way inspires the philosophy.

Space for writing is included for you to journal everyday for 365 days. The first day is Day 1. You may start any day of the year. The journal progresses through weekly cycles. Each week has a theme which is central to Jedi Philosophy. You may wish to add additional notes and pages to expand on your writings. You may use this book as a primer for a more in-depth personal journal.

The hyperlinks download a word document which can then be printed out and used or saved to a computer.

This is a work in progress. I will be adding a page a week over the next year. If I am late in posting the weeks theme and journal entry pages I apologize in advance. My goal is to keep my word and keep this running week by week as a test of commitment and self-discipline. This work is for my benefit as much as it is for anyone who may find it helpful. I plan to use the journal and will hopefully release the complete volume a year from now for people to use.

The benefits of Journaling are well documented in psychology. Journaling is an excellent way to track your progress on the path to self improvement and self discovery. Keeping a journal also allows you to express your ideas, thoughts and hopes.

Journaling has been used for thousands of years as a form of self therapy. The General and Emperor Marcus Aurelius kept a private journal in the tradition of the Ancient Stoics. The writings reflect an act of daily reflection into his life. We know this book today as “Meditations”. It remains a leading source of inspiration in people’s lives 1700 years after it was written. Try it yourself.

Title and Introduction

Jedi Philosophy

How to Use

Week 1 – Reflection

Week 2 – Resolve

Week 3 – Intent

Week 4 – Jedi Method

Week 5 – Focus

Week 6 – Routine

Week 7 – Self Discipline

Week 8 – Meditation

Week 9 – Physical Fitness

Week 10 – Awareness

Week 11 – Diplomacy

Week 12 – The Jedi Code

Week 13 – Equanimity

Week 14 – Self Knowledge

Week 15 – Serenity

Week 16 – Harmony

Week 17 – Self Realization

Week 18 – Justice

Week 19 – Accountability

Week 20 – Patience

Week 21 – Character

Week 22 – Empathy

Week 23 – Gratitude

Week 24 – Self Honesty

Week 25 – Erudition

Week 26 – Mentoring

Week 27 – Courage

Week 28 – Duty

Week 29 – Service

Week 30 – Defend

Week 31 – Proficiency

Week 32 – Creativity

Week 33 – Curiosity

Week-34 – Humor

Week 35 – Humility

Week 36 – Compassion

Week 37 – Simplicity

Week 38 – Solitude