You are greater than you know.


“You don’t have to look tough to be tough”. – Ahsoka Tano

In “The Clone Wars” episode “Bounty Hunters” Ahsoka Tano reassures a Felucian Farmer who is threatened by a group of Pirates seeking to steal their crop. The Felucians are far too timid to defend themselves and have recruited a small band of mercenaries as protection. Outnumbered the Jedi begin to train the Felucians to fight and they soon discover that despite their small stature they are not weak and have more courage than they know.  Sometimes the smallest and meekest creature has an inner strength and courage that belies its size.

Always believe that you are far more than you believe yourself to be and you will surprise yourself at your inherent ability to exceed your expectations consistently. You will bear far more than you give yourself credit for.

We always expect the worst and we always assume that we lack the courage and fortitude to face the future when hope seems bleak. We tend to forget that the combined weight of the years can seem insurmountable when we are faced with life challenges such as an illness, unemployment, financial difficulties or a relationship break up. But we can and we do survive and we carry and can come out stronger than ever before if we simply live one day at a time and embrace our ability to shine through.

When I was drinking I had given up that I would ever amount to much. I believed that I could never quit drinking. On many occasions I had tried and failed and every time I returned to drinking I seemed worse. The blow to my self-esteem and confidence was great.

I could not understand how I had managed to achieve many goals in life; there was University degrees earned with distinction and a decent career in my profession. I had served in the military and had been deployed and served well.  Not to mention my family; married to a wonderful woman and blessed with beautiful kids. In my years I had faced many challenges and overcome them but with alcohol I was completely and utterly powerless.

Once I finally admitted my powerlessness and surrendered my problems to a Higher Power I called the Force my addiction melted away. I was free of my compulsion to drink. Eventually many of my perceived problems also melted away as I started to see things clearly. I discovered I had more power and courage than I knew. This Force had resided in me all along, I simply did not choose to see it and if I ever suspected I had the potential, I lacked the willingness and the honesty to take the first step and claim that power. From that day on I never doubted myself again.

“You are greater than you know” – Mother Teresa

Remind yourself every day that you are more powerful than you know, that even if you don’t look “tough” you have an inner fire waiting to be unleashed. Never be afraid, never doubt yourself. You can be the person you are meant to be. Strive to be a better version of yourself every day, never let anyone convince you otherwise. You are greater than you know.